Session 1 Arctic.jpg

Designing with Nature – Arctic Futures

Climate change, growing industrial activity, and increased levels of accessibility all suggest that the region is likely to become more urbanised with expanding of cities and towns. The question is: What do those look like?

In addition to the breakout session, an arctic exhibition will be displayed in the foyer of the convention centre.

Session2 Climate change.jpg

Climate resilient infrastructure – preparing our cities for extreme weather

In a world increasingly affected by climate change, natural disasters, poor land-use and lack of housing, we bring to discussion the topic of sustainability, liveability and resilience

Our speakers will debate this topic and talk about planning practices, policies, and the need for cities to take a value-driven approach in combining sustainability, resilience and livability in infrastructure development, urban planning and climate policy.

Session 3 Activating spaces.jpg

Activating spaces - for health and wellbeing

More and more people live in cities all over the world. Healthy living in cities is therefore paramount to increase the quality of living for an increasing number of people. How do we make it easier to make the healthier choices? In this seminar, we will look at the interface between health, architectural sound buildings and urban planning.


Pictured Above: Collective on Calton Hill, Collective Architecture (c) Susie Lowe